Ranked By Review, a product of Amplifier, is based in sunny Dunedin, New Zealand's Gigatown winner and widely regarded as its growing IT hub.

So that we immersed ourselves in all things relevant to small businesses we set about filling our office environment with the following. We have two Accountants that deal with SMEs daily, and a Business Coach (who spends more time coaching us than his impressive portfolio of clients). We have an awesome HR service that helps local businesses and of course we have our crazy introverted geniuses that make up our IT department (who don't even know it's raining outside). And then of course there are the Marketing Consultants who think the sun is shining every day. We even have a small business tenant on our ground floor so we never lose touch with what makes a business tick.

Our Management Board includes an International Media Consultant (working in 79 Media markets worldwide), a Creative Writer (who happens to be the world's most awarded radio creative writer). A Media Groups CEO, an experienced business Accountant, a Business Coach and a Banker.

You see we're ultra-passionate about helping local businesses prosper and that's why we have spent thousands upon thousands of hours engrossed in all things SME. That way we can ensure the offer we put in front of you is appealing and effective. And that is also why we are the only All-in-one Marketing product that can offer a Money Back Guarantee.