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2011-12-06 03:36 pm

Excellent food and great atmosphere

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Fishbone Bar & Grill


2013-04-01 07:02 pm

At the top end of service...

Posted By: richard-thum regarding Fishbone Bar & Grill


2011-07-31 08:49 am

Amazing! The two owners are incredibly fun and accommodating. Food is fantastic, ambiance is great, crowd is friendly and fun, wine list has the best of central otago - a must visit!

Posted By: brad-strader regarding Fishbone Bar & Grill


2011-12-20 10:59 pm

only have 20 minutes of free wifi

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Copthorne Hotel and Resort Queenstown Lakefront


2012-01-13 10:32 am

We had people (who were not even in hotel attire) come straight in to our room without knocking. A clean towel had hairs all through it. The window latches were not attached so there was no secure way to open the window, and no air conditioning to compensate. They sent workmen in to fix the window, so we had to endure this interruption. The fan was broken in the bathroom, so everything got damp. The heater smoked and caused the fire alarm to go off. The phone and internet were broken, the phone was fixed but the internet was not. We received a voucher for 50MB of free WIFI to "use any time", but on attempting to use it, it turned out that it had expired almost as we had been given it. Any of these problems on their own would not have been a problem, but together over a three day stay, it would have been nice to just have been moved so they could fix these problems without bother to us. The hotel was not overly busy. However, for our troubles, we received only a free coffee and hot chocolate.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Copthorne Hotel and Resort Queenstown Lakefront