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2013-05-02 12:48 pm

My wife and I have stayed a few times, including our wedding night - when as the only guests they held the place (including the kitchen!) open just for us till we arrived at 9pm. Magic place, friendly staff. Meals surprisingly good too.

Posted By: simon-holliday regarding Danseys Pass Coach Inn


2011-06-09 06:03 pm

A fantastic place to lunch and enjoy excellent local cuisine and the atmosphere of a South Island high country sheepstation and vineyard.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Northburn Wine Company Ltd


2011-08-02 10:00 pm


Posted By: a-google-user regarding Peppers Beacon


2010-08-29 09:09 pm

This hotel came recommended however I had a very disappointing experience. Hotel room was extremely small. As I was travelling with my daughter we opted for two single beds. The room was so small that the beds were pushed tightly together with very little space to move. Without our knowledge, we were allocated a disabled room with an open plan style bathroom/shower, the water flowed everywhere, creating a dangerous slippery bathroom floor. The toilet was raised, I guess because of the amount of water which floods everywhere during a shower, which meant once sitting on it, my feet couldnt even touch the floor. There was no vanity in the bathroom, only a wall hung basin with meant no room to stow even a toothbrush. The sign in the bathroom read: Please keep door closed or steam will set off fire alarm. The partial lake view was also disappointing as the adjoining hotel room could clearly see into our room so the curtain had to be drawn to attain privacy. I was very disappointed and would certainly not choose to stay here again.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Peppers Beacon


2011-11-19 12:26 am

Nice view and location But for a standard room the price isn't worth it.

Posted By: ej-kim regarding Peppers Beacon