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2013-01-27 04:01 pm

Great place!

Posted By: nikita-nesin regarding Patagonia Chocolates Limited


2011-04-22 06:48 pm

Awesome ice cream and hot chocolate. Free WiFi, too! Prices at higher end of the scale, but still reasonable.

Posted By: michael-rodrguez-torrent regarding Patagonia Chocolates Limited


2012-12-19 08:09 pm

Delicious hot chocolate spicy, good ginger choc drink and yummy choc macadamia ice cream. Prompt service

Posted By: ananda-sim regarding Patagonia Chocolates Limited


2012-07-24 09:10 pm

You MUST try the chocolate drink or if you want the mocha drink with chocolate. Absolutely divine. Went here 5 times in 2 weeks. 4 out 5 times, the chocolate drink was great... 1 time, I had upset stomach, maybe too much milk. Anyway, they need to be consistent but that's it... otherwise what a wonderful formula for a hot drink!

Posted By: brian-mckenelly regarding Patagonia Chocolates Limited


2012-08-27 07:58 am

Chocolates galore! My wife was in Heaven and for the first time I could appreciate her love for chocolate as we enjoyed several things here to offer. We ordered the fried treat with 3 chocolates to dip (I forget what they're called, like a beignet. My wife took a video of the store so that she could wow my mother in law when we returned to the States. This place is great and impressive.

Posted By: travis-prange regarding Patagonia Chocolates Limited