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2014-03-17 09:19 pm

Great venue, service and food.

Posted By: gerard-dodd regarding Pitches Store


2014-02-26 09:17 pm

lovely tea and cakes, husband enjoyed coffee and miss 4 her apple juice with ice and a straw. great setting and service

Posted By: 530662ab5e868 regarding Pitches Store


2014-02-21 01:27 pm

We really enjoyed our recent visit to your restaurant with nice food and friendly service

Posted By: ms-mawhinney- regarding Pitches Store


2014-02-20 06:26 pm

Great atmosphere, fantastic food and just a great way to fill in a couple of hours on a Sunday drive from Alexandra

Posted By: bruce- regarding Pitches Store


2014-02-20 06:07 pm

Fantastic place to call into - full of history and sensatively redecorated
and the owner fills us with joy in discussing her grandchildren in Auckland - she is full of passion for life and for the store - yummy food and coffee consistently - each time we have called in the quality is the same

Posted By: 52aa6b79963cb regarding Pitches Store