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2011-01-05 09:09 am

Our best in NZ place to stay. By all means get to this beautiful place run by kind and generous people. Thank you very much

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2010-01-21 03:53 pm

Stayed here in 2005 in the off-season and had a BLAST. Great deal for the money, although the beer tab got significant. (Well, when the closest beer is in Queenstown, you shudder a bit about the cost, then order more....) Food was fantastic, had coin operated laundry, everything you needed at the start and end of a week long backpacking trip. (Tramping I think its called there)

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2012-01-29 08:11 pm

Best hotel in the area, atmosphere, history, great service and great food. Backpackers section is great value and the hot tub is one of the best in the land

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2012-07-02 10:27 pm


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2010-07-13 06:37 pm

They obviously didn't value our custom, we arrived 15 min before closing time on a mission to buy a coffee table and dinning table. We went to open the door and found out it was already locked. While we were looking around trying to decipher whether or not we were at the right entrance a lady came to the door, she opened it just enough to stick her head out and asked us if there was anything specific we wanted. By her tone she clearly did not want us to come in so we left with no tables at all :< We also had bad experience in the one time we went into the Wanaka store. We wanted someone to come to our house to measure up and provide us with new curtains however no one was willing to come outside of work hours.

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