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2014-12-05 02:05 pm

A really great job done. A special trip had to be made to get the job done before the new Farm Manager moved in. The people who came were very lovely to deal with and very professional. I would definitely use this service again and recommend them to others.

Posted By: kelly-5 regarding Alexandra Cleaners


2014-10-28 03:43 pm

I moved out of my Rental into my own home 3 weeks ago and rung Janine from alexandra Cleaners.I found her very friendly and fitted me in on short notice.They were very thorough with windows inside and out and cleaned the carpets also Well worth it!!!!

Posted By: janet47 regarding Alexandra Cleaners


2014-09-30 11:02 am

Had our whole new house cleaned by Alexandra Cleaners - what a fantastic job. The team were prompt, very friendly and courteous and did an excellent job of turning a dirty house into a sparkling new home! Can't speak highly enough of their professionalism and their attention to detail - super impressed and happily recommend these guys to anyone.

Posted By: marielle8 regarding Alexandra Cleaners


2014-09-20 09:57 am

Alexandra cleaners have taken care of our window cleaning for some time now and we are pleased with the results. The team are easy to work with if there is something specific one requests and they are very efficient and quick without sacrificing quality.

Posted By: bob68 regarding Alexandra Cleaners


2014-08-25 08:58 am

We have been thinking of employing a cleaner as we are not that satisfied. Feel we get a surface clean only. Have to remind cleaners to clean certain things and always leaving doors open to rooms we are trying to keep heated. We do have a very dusty environment so it does need a really thorough clean

Posted By: Diane52896dc659ffa regarding Alexandra Cleaners