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2017-03-01 09:14 pm

The flight was so enjoyable, I totally recommend everyone to fly in a helicopter at least once. This flight felt like a lot of value for money aswell, Richard was giving us a full commentary for the duration of the flight.

I was travelling in from Queenstown to Cromwell, and I was able to be picked up by them from the bus stop in Cromwell which saved me a lot of walking which I was very thankful for.

Being up on Mount Pisa was also a great experience. And I definitely felt like we had been given sufficient safety instruction and information on the helicopter so we could safely and confidently get in and out and be safe inside.

Brilliant stuff.

Posted By: mattmattmatt regarding Heliview Flights


2017-02-26 08:34 pm

Amazing experience, will recommend to everyone. A must do while down south.

Posted By: kendell9 regarding Heliview Flights


2017-02-24 05:27 pm

What a well - run operation! Safety comes first with these guys. And it's a state of the art helicopter!
Really enjoyed my heliflight over cromwell. The weather was perfect and the visibiliy from the mid window seat and the front seat were superb . A 15 minute landing on the top of the pisa range gave us time to take photos, stretch our legs, drink local Benjer juice , and breathe in the mountain scenery.
Very worthwhile.!

Posted By: sandyg regarding Heliview Flights


2017-02-24 05:21 pm

The flight was truly awesome with lots to see and a great audio commentary provided by Richard our pilot. Once on top of Pisa the views were equally breathtaking and the whole thing was run perfectly from waiting to board right through to touchdown

Posted By: phil5643 regarding Heliview Flights


2017-02-21 10:53 am

Seeing the view of Cromwell was just amazing! Simply stunning! Well worth it. Thank you Yolanda and Richard for the experience

Posted By: chanda1 regarding Heliview Flights