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2009-11-19 07:20 am

Hey... just wanted to share a bargain I found - because I haven't seen or heard it advertised.

Last week I was looking to buy an outdoor setting on Trade Me (table & six chairs). Someone else paid $269 for a 2yr old setting - which is only $30 less than new price.

But I was at the Warehouse at Albany on Sunday and there is a 30% saving on all metal and wicker outdoor settings. You wouldn't know, except that there was a small sign standing near the displays.

Even the staff member I asked had to go and check, but I got the same setting - but brand new - for $209 !

If you're thinking about a table & chairs for summer (if it ever comes) then it might pay to check out the Warehouse.

Posted By: Marky regarding The Warehouse


2009-09-11 04:30 am

Some of the big warehouse store's a great, but the moment you go into a smaller branch, then you can't find anything, stuff isn't priced, and it's lying everywhere. Worse still, I purchased a DVD yesterday, and after paying for it, had to go and wait at the un-manned music counter for 10 minutes, as no one would come to collect it for me. Frustrating.

Posted By: Cartman regarding The Warehouse


2009-06-10 06:16 am

Bought a CD from The Warehouse, thought it was cheap and I had scored a bargain. Until I wondered into JB Hi-Fi! Where the same CD was $2 cheaper. I know its only $2, but I thought The Warehouse had the lowest prices?!

I'm still considering if I should say something to The Warehouse or just to let my $2 go.

Posted By: MmsnMms regarding The Warehouse


2009-10-15 09:37 am

Needed a new suitcase for holiday to Oz recently. If you don't want to pay the earth, the Warehouse of all places has them at really cheap prices. Does the job just as well as any of the pricey luggage.

Posted By: Random1 regarding The Warehouse


2009-10-12 12:57 pm

I love gardening. Even though i am renting i still cant help but put plants into the landlords garden. Get them from the Warehouse, they are just as good as any plant shop.

Posted By: Random1 regarding The Warehouse