Inspired by the past. Re-imagined for the future. If you're imagining a new property for your business, whether it be for expansion or just a fresh new look, JBL has the solution. JBL will listen to your needs - find the suitable property – then design, build and lease back the future face of your company.

Commercial Property
When you contract the renovation and tenancy of a JBL Group building, you're guaranteed:
  • The building is 100% NBS (New Building Standard) earthquake strengthened. 
  • The quality of workmanship is second-to-none, with no nasty surprises down the track.
  • You'll enjoy a stress-free build & renovation process: we'll take total ownership of a project for you.
  • You'll get precisely what you're expecting. We won't cut corners or alter anything without your full consultation and sign-off.
These are just a few of the reasons clients including BNZ, Rabobank and other blue-chip corporations are choosing to partner with us: you'll know exactly what's going to happen, and when. Just sit back, and rely on JBL Group to deliver.

Prefabricated Bathrooms
As property developers managing an extensive portfolio ourselves, we understand that when you're looking at a large-scale project, time - and timing - are of the essence. What if you could, literally, drop your bathrooms fully plumbed, powered and finished into your development, peel off the plastic and be ready to move forward? With JBL Prefab Bathrooms you can. JBL Group can provide you with any style and volume of prefabricated bathrooms, precision-manufactured off-site and ready to drop straight into any build, no matter how complex. Our Prefab Bathrooms are simply craned into place, saving you time, labour and money – and helping you satisfy your demanding timetable and budget. Save all the hassle - and potentially costly errors - that go with overseas construction, and instead choose a New Zealand owned and operated company with an exemplary reputation for quality product, service delivery and enduring client partnerships. JBL Group - Expert Consultants - Recognised Brands – Professional Delivery

Address :
4 Wharfe Street, Oamaru, New Zealand
Phone :
03 434 7710
Hours :
Monday - Friday : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Categories :
General contractors
Kitchens And Bathrooms

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Worked with JBL on a new development for WHK in Oamaru. Very successful projected completed on time by a very organised team.

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  • WHK Oamaru

    Worked with JBL on a new development for WHK in Oamaru. Very successful projected completed on time by a very organised team.

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