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Your business is no doubt very good at what it does. You could, in fact, be the best, but if people don’t know about you then, you’re not going to be successful. Effective communication is not just about your advertising, it’s about every interaction your brand has. The founders and directors of Hawker Media have consulted to 73 Media Markets worldwide; their clients vary from radio stations with over two million listeners, catering companies with over 120 staff, to one man tradesman. All, with the same objective, the desire to get their communication spot-on and in doing so improve their sales success. Learn the principles of influence and persuasion, investigate your communication strategy, look at how you are communicating your business, improve the appeal of your website, get found more often, improve your sales pitch and telephone techniques. Get more enquiries; make more sales with an effective communication strategy designed be Hawker Media. We guarantee that within our first free hour long consultation we will have indentified three massive opportunities of improvement for you. Call today for a communication review of your business.

Address :
35a Crawford Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Phone :
021 248 0366
Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Categories :
Marketing and Advertising
Marketing and Advertising

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