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Time for a massage Dunedin! Are you in pain? Can't train fully? not getting the most out of your days? Where do you go to get the right help in Dunedin? A quality massage or Bowen treatment commonly provides feelings of improved energy, freedom of movement and reduced pain. What is Bowen Therapy? It is an internationally recognized treatment. Bowen therapy is a lubricant free treatment that can be applied through clothing. It is effective on a large range of conditions such as back pain, arthritic conditions, respiratory conditions, sciatic pain and stress. Most Bowen and Massage sessions one hour, the first includes an assessment to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. Why should you trust me? Because my reputation depends on the best possible outcome for you. I have been doing Dunedin massage for many years, and am a qualified deep tissue massage therapist, Certified practitioner of Bowen Therapy plus qualified for Facial kinetics Why wait, your car won't run

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26 Bank Street North East Valley, Dunedin, New Zealand
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Warren’s years of experience and knowledge of both deep tissue and Bowen therapy help him tailor each session just right and helped me overcome years of neck and shoulder pain.

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Best professional massage around.

Very knowledgeable.

Handy thumbs to know!

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Warren Voight has done an awesome job sorting out my knee injury and working on my bunions, using Bowen therapy. It is great to be going about daily life without pain!! Thanks!

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After recieving Bowan Therapy from Warren, the intermitent nerve pain down my leg greatly improved after the first treatment and totally dissapeared afcter the second!Warrens maintenence Bowen treatment keeps leg pain at bay and ensures a sense of well being, relaxation and a great nights sleep.

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Warren Voight gives a very satisfactory service, I would highly recommend them.

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