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2015-01-05 01:50 pm

I have found the team at Normans really knowledgeable and helpful - they go the extra mile and do a great job. Conveniently located near the city centre.
I found the servicing price on par or slightly better than others, and when it came to battery selection they helped me find a more economical option with the same specs for my vehicle, and made sure it was safely fitted.

Posted By: Berni1 regarding Normans Auto Electrical


2012-12-05 03:22 pm

I've had a real mixed bag here. I will say that most of the time they have done very good work, however they are expensive, and poorly scheduled.

When I say 'most of the time' I really mean it. I was totally ripped off by them the last time I used them, so I never intend to return unless I break down right outside.

Fair warning to all. They are okay, but make sure they don't eye you up as a sucker.

Posted By: sparrow1985 regarding Normans Auto Electrical


2010-05-07 09:27 am

I went to normans auto electrical to get my car fixed because I was desperate.
They bought my car in and charged me a van fee.. they charged my battery and charged me $20!!!!!! they then fixed my fan belt which was supposed to cost $60 ALL UP and charged me over $100 dollars! so all up i have to pay about $150!

I took my car to another mechanic afterwards who told me that the job they did was supposed to be done in 15 minutes when they claimed they did it in an hour! he also brought in another mechanic from the same place who confirmed that it was only a 15 minute job!!

Apart from that, their customer service was UNBELIEVABLY BAD!!!! The owner/manager there REALLY NEEDED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! when I tried to talk to him he would tell me that "I dont wanna hear it, I dont care what other mechanics said!" #

Posted By: sedch359 regarding Normans Auto Electrical


2013-03-26 04:43 pm

Very good prompt service, always happy with what they do for us. Realistic prices, a joy to deal with. Highly recommend them.

Posted By: chris-raue regarding Automotion Limited


2013-03-26 04:50 pm

Good but: They did find a second handed piece to change an expensive part (so that was fine), but after being there my windows wouldn't work. I tried to find the problem in the connections under the wheel and couldn't find anything. After several months I finally unmounted the central box where the windows are controlled from the driver seat and where the hand brake is (I don't get why they would touch that in the first place). The only two big connectors there where unplugged and after connecting them everything works fine. I think it is a big coincidence that the problem began just after coming here. If it were a coincidence only one of the connectors would be loose, not both of them. I think. I have just lost a lot of time with that and enjoy all the summer with the windows closed.

Posted By: alicia-v-carpentier regarding Harrex Downing & Little (2005)ltd