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2015-07-11 10:59 am

Had to complete very extensive testing in order register with Adecco. One of the tests was a personality test which resulted in some very strange & incorrect answers about me which they would be showing to prospective employers. (These results were the complete opposite to what all my past employers had said about me in my references). Adecco said the results could be due to a number of reasons but would not explain why. They also would not give me a copy of any of my test results so I could thoroughly read over. After all this testing, I did not receive a single job offer in the several months I was registered with them. Several other people I know recently told me that they had used Adecco before and their test results also had some very messed up answers too. Not worth using Adecco at all.

Posted By: Ruby20 regarding Adecco Personnel Limited


2013-03-23 11:45 am

Amazing, so helpful, nothing a problem. Excellent.

Posted By: WOMFMONONA regarding Esquire Suit Hire


2013-03-16 11:29 am

Awesome service and friendly staff!

Posted By: stumclachlan regarding Esquire Suit Hire


2013-03-08 10:59 am


Posted By: waynealex regarding Esquire Suit Hire


2013-02-14 07:15 am

Fantastic service, a wee mistake with the suits which was quickly fixed in time for the big day :)!

Posted By: WOMFMONONA regarding Esquire Suit Hire