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2016-10-31 11:55 am

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Posted By: master regarding Roy Hawker - Hawker Media LTD

John Smith

2016-10-31 10:59 am

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Posted By: John Smith regarding Roy Hawker - Hawker Media LTD


2016-06-16 03:11 pm

We had Wayne produce 7 videos for us. Wayne is great to work with, he puts the people he is working with at ease and does it very naturally, has a great sense of humour but more than anything has a very high standard of workmanship. He took on the brief and hit the target perfectly, the process was timely, and the result we were very happy with. Highly recommended.

Posted By: InflatableDunedin regarding FYI Media


2016-02-15 12:36 pm

Wayne at FYI Media is remarkable. We've had FYI in for promotional video production and plan to work with them much, much more. The thing about Wayne, the face of FYI, is that he is not only technically expert but he has a way with people that puts them immediately at ease. This is makes the experience enjoyable as well as professional. With FYI you get excellence in the total package - video, audio, and editing - I can't recommend this company highly enough.

Posted By: cathryn9 regarding FYI Media


2016-02-10 09:10 am

FYI Media were superb to work with. Wayne was professional and produced a brilliant video showcasing our Company values and philosophies for prospective employees. I would thoroughly recommend FYI Media

Posted By: kerryn5 regarding FYI Media