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2016-03-18 04:32 pm

Sandy is great at what she does. She is very through and uses a range of techniques to get the job done.Highly recommend.

Posted By: JAnderson regarding Lotus College of Natural Therapies


2014-11-21 10:04 am

I've known and dealt with 'Sandy', the owner/operator for some years. Sandy is a person of highest integrity, beautiful spiritual values and a skill set you only come across in people who have practiced their trade passionately for a lifetime. Besides some enlightening courses I attended I received message for my back. It was more effective than anything else I had tried over the last twenty years and greatly reduced the amount of time I spent in pain (from what used to be weeks to days or instants after treatment I can only describe as ebbing out of pain). I have decided to continue treatment in regular intervals as a prevention of my back pain incidents and have succeeded so far with a considerable increase in well-being as a bonus.
I consider Sandy the best in her work I have come across and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Posted By: jo229 regarding Lotus College of Natural Therapies


2014-09-27 04:42 pm

Lotus College of Natural Therapies provided me with a 5-star holistic therapy experience. I now operate my own business ( in the United States. All my credits from Lotus transferred over to California with no problem, further indicating their great reputation. Sandy was a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed her support and way to approach any therapy. Thanks, Lotus!

Posted By: jenn8 regarding Lotus College of Natural Therapies


2014-09-22 08:26 pm

I began at Lotus with a course in Relaxation Massage and found this well organised and well explained, perfect for a complete beginner. I so enjoyed it, I then moved onto more of the courses offered at Lotus including Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy and Body Pampering. I found the tutor knowledgeable and extremely good at communicating the many subtle and more difficult to understand concepts. I found I grew to understand more about myself and would certainly recommend any of the courses I have completed, whether for the intention of a career or simply to discover more about how we work physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Posted By: brenda248 regarding Lotus College of Natural Therapies


2014-09-22 06:49 pm

I have recently dealt with a Lotus College member and was very happy with the service provided. The staff member was friendly and professional and experienced at their work. I was very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone. The price was affordable and great value for money.

Posted By: temp528420db55c96 regarding Lotus College of Natural Therapies