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2012-01-14 07:46 pm

Service was very very good, I had cervice and baby flounder, both well done, excellent flavour + presentation. Would definately reccommend to anyone visiting dunedin. One for the bucket list.

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2012-03-11 03:03 pm

Dinner was absolutely outstanding. I had bluff oysters, a paua special fritter, a blue cod fillet cooked in seaweed and a brownie to finish. All of the courses came out cooked to order and delicious. I was impressed with the variety and flavor of their seafood choices. Additionally, we tried several glasses of their wines and were impressed. Lastly, the bar area and decorations are a bit kitschy, but they added a bit off a flair I find absent at many restaurants which think too highly of themselves. As a traveller, this place was great for a taste of the locally available seafood.

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2012-11-25 08:11 pm

Crap! Main took 2 hours to arrive. When it did arrive there were no vegies,they got there ten minutes later! and the salt and pepper arrived when we were finished. and the whole lot was an absolute rip off... Platos STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE!!!

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2013-01-19 03:10 pm

Been there once, loved it. Seafood was great, they brew own beer - 10 of of ten! Going to be there shortly again. For sure one of the best Dunedin's seafood restaurants!

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2013-05-30 11:25 pm

Always hard to choose from the menu here, as I never feel like there's anything on it that I wouldn't enjoy. The food is good; neither plain nor pretentious. It seems that anything added to a dish is added because it will improve it, rather than because someone felt the need to show off.

Posted By: nick-phillips regarding Plato