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2015-12-14 04:05 pm

good fun bit of something for every one nice food court too.. I really liked the tacos an the sweet an sour asian food opposite :)

Posted By: james-latimer regarding Meridian Mall


2014-06-02 01:33 am

We recently contacted Washing Machine Repair to fix a washing machine that was playing up at a rental property. Making the appointment went smoothly. We advised Washing Machine Repairs that we were happy for them to complete work up to the value of $150. Anything exceeding that cost to contact us so we could reassess our options.... sometimes it's better to buy a new machine that the cost to fix it. Washing Machine Repair fixed the machine and it seemed to be done pretty timely and without any delays/dramas for our tenant which was fine. Approximately 3 weeks later - machine started playing up again. Then we received the invoice for payment of $227. I sent an email back assuming it was just an error and that it was an easy fix. Washing Machine Repair acknowledge that we had only authorised them to do work to the value of $150, however they still wanted payment for the full amount..... or the offered to go back to the property and take the parts of the machine and then leave us with a machine that wouldn't work. Neither option set very well with us. It was very clear what we had asked for, they agreed with this - but yet they still expected us to cover the cost for them doing work for something they weren't authorised to do. I transferred them payment of $150 and sent an email again explaining that I won't be paying any further money.

All in all - really disappointed with the way this was handled. I don't believe they have been very fair or reasonable with this. I understand people make mistakes all the time and sometimes it's costly.... I struggle to understand why the error of a tradesperson is passed onto a customer. Unfortunately businesses need to absorb those charges.

Final note: They charge a $55 House Fee - I consider this to be very expensive. Our property is within a 5km radius of their office and it feels like daylight robbery.

Won't be using them again and wouldn't recommend them.

If you do use them, I would highly recommend that you dot your i's and cross your t's.

Posted By: Fiona12 regarding Washing Machine Repair Services


2013-12-21 08:53 am

Both my husband and I see Lynda, a very experience, knowledgeable massage therapist, I have a long standing injury and she keeps me working in a job I was told to leave 6 years ago, and no hip replacement either. Highly recommend Lynda, try the best as she is great!

Posted By: kaz69 regarding Hands on Health Massage


2011-09-09 09:52 am

First time getting my eyes tested and they were great! Lots of staff that interact well and make the experience enjoyable. Got a great deal on designer glasses with my health fund, but even without, its a good deal. Picking up my glasses next week and am a little bit excited.

Posted By: keeno008 regarding Specsavers


2008-07-08 05:07 am

Just picked up new prescription reading glasses and prescription sunnies from SPECSAVERS at Domain. Professional,friendly service. They have a two for one deal service currently going. Saved myself $600.00. Got be happy with that.

Posted By: cowshed regarding Specsavers