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2019-11-05 09:47 pm

John Hamilton Dental has heaps of new technology for making dentistry painless and fast. Pretty cool

Posted By: Kimberlyaka regarding John Hamilton Dental


2013-09-11 09:16 pm

Excellent freindly staff and service. I travel from out of town especially for My dental requirements from the team at Bell Hill dental. I would recommend these folk to any body.

Posted By: StevoMount regarding Bell Hill Dental


2012-10-19 06:08 pm

Best dentist in town. Didn't even feel the injection. Treated me like a friend. Elaine was really gentle & professional.

Posted By: Scaredycat regarding Bell Hill Dental


2010-08-08 04:31 am

My husband went to this practice to get a sore tooth looked at and hasn't stopped raving since. He is so impressed with the professional advice and the balance that was provided between the advice and the rapport with him as the paitent. He is not a fan of the 'dentist' but will definately be going back there again.

Posted By: Suzbub regarding York Place Dental


2010-01-28 01:00 pm

I really liked Roger Smith as my dentist for the past 20 years, not that I had to go often. I thought we had a good rapport. However, after cancelling an appointment before christmas due to unavoidable issues that couldn't be helped, I have been rejected as a patient when I rang to reschedule today. I am not in a habit of changing appointments, so I find it totally rude. Only a dentist could get away with it. I am still in pain with a swollen, bleeding molar and had no sleep last night. Thanks Roger! I wish I hadn't recommended you to others so much now.

Posted By: mchappy regarding Roger Smith Dentist