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2017-02-01 11:32 pm

I went in a while back for a regrowth touch up, came out with yellow streaks mis placed all throughout my hair.
Cost me more to fix than it would've if o had gone somewhere else in the first place.
0 star rating - think again if you're thinking of going there.

Posted By: jessica-nash regarding Bizzo Haircutters


2017-02-01 10:03 pm

I paid for a full head of foils to receive a full head of bleach resulting in severe chemical burns and balding she used foul language was beyond unprofessional and left the salon for a good half an hour with no notice to get her child from school i have being to the council and hairdressing association and am now proceeding with legal action this woman doesn't have any qualification and it is very obvious in her manner and unlprofesionalism they need shut down asap!!!

Posted By: Meplustwo regarding Bizzo Haircutters


2016-06-01 09:27 pm

Today I walked into Bizzo with a very clear picture to replicate - what I walked out with was the worst dye job I have ever seen. After taking a 0.0000001 second look at the photo of what I wanted done, the hair dresser went about doing whatever she wanted on my head. Instead of a full head of foils, 3/4 of my hair was never touched by dye, and what was dyed were big thick streaks of banana yellow! After telling the lady it wasn't the colour I was after and that the streaks were too thick, I was told that is just how foils are. I have definitely done a better job from a box on myself! The cut was fine but in no way resembled my picture. While sitting in the chair I was already googling where I could go to fix the monstrosity that was now my bright yellow hair. I would never recommend Bizzo to anyone!

Posted By: anna-bundock regarding Bizzo Haircutters


2016-02-05 02:54 pm

Really great experience. Rachelle: fun & amazing pro. Deffo trust her judgement!! Cheers.

Posted By: alex-thong regarding Aart On St Andrew


2016-01-05 12:31 pm

Came to Aart to get my hair dyed for first time and the stylist was great at explaining the different options. Relaxing experience with coffee and magazines and I'm looking forward to going back to try new styles in future.

Posted By: ks222 regarding Aart On St Andrew