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2013-10-03 06:40 pm

Alice is an amazing massage therapist, and I now won't go to anyone else. The treatment room is lovely with the right sounds and smells to send you into the land of total relaxation.

Posted By: Pianika regarding Beautify Massage Therapy


2013-10-01 05:54 pm

I had the one and a half hour hot stones massage and it was really relaxing. The temperature of the stones was perfect (nice and hot!), but the therapist made sure the temperature wasn't too hot for me when she applied it. The service and quality was excellent with relaxing sounds being played, scented oils burning in the room and the massage was finished off with scented oils being applied. There are a selection of massages (and I do recommend the hot stones) to choose from and are all reasonably priced with specials held from time to time. I myself will probably go for the Indian head massage with foot spa for my next session!

Posted By: Thandor3 regarding Beautify Massage Therapy


2012-03-01 02:22 pm

A very welcoming staff. Everything is professional. Facilities top class. Treatment is excellent and I would highly recommend it.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Warren Voight


2012-06-22 04:23 pm

Excellent service, very considerate and helpful, good listener and very proffessional

Posted By: cheryl-lucker regarding Warren Voight


2012-05-07 08:50 am

I had a hot stone massage at Erban and found the entire experience disappointing. I had a 12pm appointment. I was left sitting in the reception area until 12:10pm, which I wasn't bothered by - things can get behind schedule. I'm not sure the exact time the treatment finished, but I do know that I was dressed and out of the treatment room by 1:30pm. It does not seem to me that I should be penalised for their lateness. I was also unimpressed by the treatment itself. It is difficult to judge time when you're face down on a table but the therapist spent somewhere between a third and half of the treatment time fussing with the hot stones on a bench-top nearby instead of actually providing treatment. I was never asked about the level of pressure applied during the massage, although there was so little massage to speak of that it didn't really matter. So, in short, I do not believe that I received value for my money and won't be back.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Erban Spa