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2019-03-14 11:04 am

The staff at Pitt Street Medical Centre have always been extremely helpful. I have been with Dr Don Mackenzie for thirteen years and he is a wonderful GP.

Posted By: moyra-sweetnam-evans regarding Pitt Street Medical Centre


2011-06-15 07:21 pm

Fantastic hospital

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Dunedin Hospital


2012-11-05 03:34 pm

Is this a 3 storey hospital?

Posted By: uhm-c-ledesma regarding Dunedin Hospital


2013-05-20 06:35 pm

I needed to have some blood tests done. The blood was pulled by a trainee in good friendly matter.

Posted By: jayson-hoogeveen regarding Southern Community Laboratories, Central Dunedin


2011-05-05 05:35 pm

Fun fun fun

Posted By: stephen-dickson regarding Edgar Centre