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2016-02-26 11:17 am

Easy to deal with ,friendly .
Please note it was Liz who brought something here for her daughters birthday.Jeff died 6 months ago ,so doubt if he was out shopping ..Great price for dining suite.Great they were happy to store the furniture until Karyn moves into new house

Posted By: taua regarding Furniture Warehouse (My Mate John's)


2016-02-26 10:52 am

When approached by a staff member while looking at a new bed, I found that there was no pressure to buy and I felt free to look around and try the beds. The service was honest and genuine, with no cheesy sales tactics. I found the overall experience very enjoyable, and am more than satisfied with my new bed!

Posted By: tyler346 regarding Furniture Warehouse (My Mate John's)


2016-02-26 10:48 am

Bought this with no problems at all, very friendly and helpful staff.
Bonus = Great price.

Posted By: Debbie52701f2f234ef regarding Furniture Warehouse (My Mate John's)


2015-11-18 03:08 pm

I have always found My Mate John's do easy to deal with. The staff are very helpful and the prices are excellent.most of my furniture is from there,and I would'nt dream of going anywhere else.thanks guys.

Posted By: Val&Gordon62 regarding Furniture Warehouse (My Mate John's)


2015-10-23 07:57 pm

ALL staff at the My Mate John store in Dunedin are fantastic!! Love them all because they are not pushy, helpful when want help and don't follow you round hassling you. It is nice to be able to relax whilst looking.

We have always bought from the store and will continue as long as service remains so wonderful.

I have been in Dunedin 15yrs now and not once have I ever had a problem with these great people. Give them a payrise.

Posted By: dot-mulder regarding Furniture Warehouse (My Mate John's)