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2015-02-10 02:50 pm

We have had many great experiences at the vet and at the pet store. Service is always excellent and staff are very knowledgeable.

Posted By: Racheal524dd58973ab4 regarding Gardens Vet & Pet Planet


2015-02-09 02:35 pm

I have always had a great experience coming into Gardens vet , the staff are lovely and very helpful. We have brought a we mouse from there and they are always happy to get us advice on him and the best products for him. We also recently got a kitten and again they have been more then helpful with questions i have had about her. they have affordable treats and toys for both of them. We love pooping in to see Gary to!!!

Posted By: jinesy regarding Gardens Vet & Pet Planet


2015-01-06 09:30 pm

I shop here for my pets' needs. I find the staff helpful and friendly. They take an interest in my pets and they smile when they serve me, which all adds up to a feel good place that is good to go in to.

Posted By: skylark11 regarding Gardens Vet & Pet Planet


2014-12-12 09:34 am

Sadly, we've had the need to use Gardens Vet & Pet Planet twice within the last couple of months to have very elderly cats euthanased. Both Geoff and Stephanie were very helpful and empathetic in the way they dealt both with us, and with our beloved pets. Thank you so much.

Posted By: dougleggett regarding Gardens Vet & Pet Planet


2014-12-10 11:44 am

The Staff always go out of their way to help me and Gidget's care and compassion when we had to put Isha to sleep was outstanding. Also the little plaster cast of Isha's foot was just a great keepsake of her. I have been many many years at the Gardens Vet and have found everyone just great.

Posted By: azlyn-lind regarding Gardens Vet & Pet Planet