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2011-07-28 08:57 pm

I used Dunedin Taxis a couple of weeks ago and I had really bad service from them. I rang for a taxi to town at 11.30pm on a Saturday night. I was still waiting for the taxi at 12pm so I rung them back to ask where the taxi was. They said it had been canceled but I had not canceled it. So they ordered another one for me. At 12.30pm I was STILL waiting and rang back. They said they had no record of my details in the system. I told them we have ordered a taxi twice from them and have been waiting for over an hour and to please send us a taxi. They said they were not doing pick ups in our area anymore and I said but we have been waiting for a taxi since 11.30! If they had any idea how to give good customer service then they should have made an exception and given us a discount. I finally go to town using another taxi service. Dunedin taxis completely ruined our evening and will never use them again. I see that there are a few other bad reviews on Dunedin Taxis here so clearly they have no idea how to give good customer service.

Posted By: Ruby20 regarding Dunedin Taxis


2010-07-30 01:47 pm

I ordered a taxi at 8:05am from Dunedin Taxis yesterday to take me to my UMAT exam at the University. At 8:25am, no taxi had turned up and I rang them back to ask where my taxi was - it hadn't been dispatched!! I cancelled it, and after consulting with the University Examinations Office, walked to University. However, that little misadventure with Dunedin Taxis caused me to arrive too late to be admitted to the exam.

Their general service is fine otherwise - its just that their slow service has now put me in a contentious spot with the exam setters in Melbourne, as they won't give me an alternative test date because "I should have taken into account traffic congestion", despite me telling them traffic congestion in Dunedin happens once in a blue moon.

From now on, I'll stick to City Taxis - their taxis are quick to arrive and their staff are very friendly. The only thing annoying is the echo of your own voice when you phone them!

Posted By: lcmortensen regarding Dunedin Taxis


2010-06-12 11:44 am

We are reqular taxis users and recently had a very bad experience with Dunedin Taxis. No way would we ever use them again

Posted By: TrishM regarding Dunedin Taxis


2012-04-10 11:00 am

We wouldn't go anywhere else!! The units are tidy and clean, excellent security and access. Tony & Chris are like trusted friends as they are warm, welcoming and always go the extra mile to help.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Storage King Dunedin South


2012-05-07 01:18 pm

Excellent peace of mind to know your belongings are in dry and well ventilated storage units. Great service with helpful, friendly and professional staff. Tony & Chris, and Dave do a great job looking after this modern, clean and tidy storage facility. It's a good bonus to have the useful onsite trailers and simple electronic entry.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Storage King Dunedin South