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2012-07-31 04:18 pm

I recently got an appliance fixed at Appliance King in South Dunedin. The lady at the desk was helpul but the service was not at all acceptable. I had to ring twice to find out what was happening and got told they were still waiting on a part. After 2 calls to them to find out wht was going on i finally, nearly 2 months later get a call to say it was ready. I was quoted a price over the phone then when i went to collect, the invoice was a different price and THEN as it took me 2 weeks to collect the lady tried to jokingly say " we thought we would have to sell it" since i hadnt collected immediately after they rung!!! Sadly i would never go back to get anything repaired at this store.

Posted By: madkat regarding Appliance King


2009-10-07 07:45 am

I called Appliance King to fix the latch on my dishwasher, and received exemplary service up until yesterday, when I was called by their Debt Collection agency because I hadn’t paid my bill. The thing was, the bill isn’t due till today!

“Times are tough” was the reason given for the call. As a new customer, I did not appreciate being treated like a defaulter, and will not be using AK again in the future. This is no way to treat new customers. This is a shame, given the repair service was so good.

For the record – I had set up an auto bill payment a week ago, set for the evening of the 5th of October. Times are tough, and one doesn’t pay their bills before the due date!

Posted By: the-oracle regarding Appliance King


2012-05-25 12:25 pm

Great experience at Begg Security today. Very friendly and helpful young man.

Posted By: Bugle regarding Begg Security Group

Kat mc

2009-10-22 01:18 pm

I had Appliance King in Dunedin who were recomended to me by a friend from Alexandra, They had had work done buy them and where very happy to recomend them to me, they send there machine's by transport company to these guys so I thought they were worth a try.

The service I had from this company was top notch, when I booked my job they gave me an approximate time when he would be there and to my supprise there service person Brian was on my door step less than five after the time they said he would be there.
He fixed my dishwasher in no time at all and when I offered to pay he gave me a discount. the machine runs like a clock now with no other problems. Just nice to see there are still good people out there who offer such a wonderful service. I have used other companys in Dunedin and had very disapointing results. Thanks heaps Appliance King and I look forward to dealing with you again(But not to soon lol)

Posted By: Kat mc regarding Appliance King Ltd


2011-08-16 01:59 am

Useless, after leaving my mates bike there for more than a month calling numerous times i get stung with a huge bill. Not the kind of thing you want when you fully trust the service and didn't get a phone call about any of the work they did. A BIG thumbs down.

Posted By: maria-powell regarding SPV (Special Purpose Vehicles)