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2011-04-02 08:59 am

Baby Divine is by far the best baby shop in town. The clothing is beautiful and wears really well. My three year old loves the shop and staff and will not walk past without stopping in to say hi. They stock the best kids toy in the world 'wishbone bike'. this has brought my son hours of joy from the age of 2 and it's so versatile he still loves it at 3 1/2 and has progressed to riding on mountain bike and bmx tracks.
I can't recomment baby divine highly enough

Posted By: dunnersshopper regarding Baby Divine


2009-11-25 09:11 pm

Our experience with shotz has been disappointing to say the least - i see others in the forum have similar experiences - only if we had looked here first! My mother and I had a glamour shots package with hair and makeup and a sitting. Halfway through the lady took a call on her mobile and we were left for ages! The "studio" is very run-down and looks unprofessional. But the biggest disappointment was to see the photos (which took months) and then eventually told the true cost.
The photographer kept talking about how busy she was and did not seem too interested in us - just making a sale. The cost of images was well and truly overboard and we had been lead to believe we would get more for our initial fee.
We were left feeling rather cheated by the whole experience and we definately do not recommend Shotz photography and their Glamour rubbish!

Posted By: beadlebug regarding Shotz Photography


2012-08-10 12:43 pm

Sarah and her team have an impeccably laid out shop with lovely, modern stuff that always seems to be new and exciting to walk in and browse. Love the place!

Posted By: scott-evangelou regarding Baby Divine