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Dave M

2016-10-18 09:14 pm

I live overseas and was unable to attend my grandfather's funeral but wanted to send flowers. Marguerita florist was able to process my order very quickly and deliver on my requested date. I very much appreciated being able to rely on their service.

Posted By: Dave M regarding Marguerita Florist


2016-10-18 04:59 pm

They had the flowers delivered the same day I placed the order. Excellent service and worth the money.

Posted By: AnonDunedinPerson regarding Marguerita Florist


2016-10-18 02:15 pm

Delightful flowers delivered to my friend for her birthday with a lot of care taken in both delivery and selection of flowers.

Helpful when I don't live in Dunedin to know that Marguerita Florist will do a good job for me.


Posted By: kelly56 regarding Marguerita Florist


2016-10-18 01:51 pm

Very helpful, I ordered online and followed up with a phone call as I was worried I had ordered a flowers more suited to a funeral than for a girl. The staff were friendly and quickly put my mind at ease!

Posted By: zane1 regarding Marguerita Florist


2016-10-18 12:13 pm

These guys have really prompt service. Their orders are delivered on time and also really friendly to talk to.

Posted By: chantelle27 regarding Marguerita Florist