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2016-07-31 09:23 pm

Was really helpful that you told us what foot to start off on when running for the ball.

Really enjoyed the drill where we were lying on the ground and had to jump up with hands on the ball.

Good afternoon with lots of new drills learnt!

Posted By: JackH regarding Roulston Rugby


2016-07-31 08:04 pm

I liked your training because you brang back all the fun stuff that we don't get to do at normal practise but we still Learnt from the drills my favourite part were the ball skills between our 4 doing under legs and that stuff so thanks for taking that training and hopefully you'll come back another time


Posted By: samuel66 regarding Roulston Rugby


2016-07-31 07:58 pm

Great experience, lots of confidence gained and skills improved a huge amount, amazing how much is achieved in two hours. Positive clear coaching. All kids were enjoying the session start to finish. Thanks so much. Look forward to the next one.

Posted By: lana93 regarding Roulston Rugby


2016-07-31 07:43 pm

Today Rolly taught me multiple things in order for not just me but my team to succeed and these tips and tricks have helped a lot. Would give this ago again

Posted By: gabby5 regarding Roulston Rugby


2016-07-31 06:57 pm

It was good. Taught me new skills. Helpful for getting more advanced in rugby. Enjoyed handling and bull rush was fun. Want to know when next training is...

Posted By: kellie5 regarding Roulston Rugby