• Mixed review


    My initial experience with House of Kavina wasn't that great. I went in with my Bridesmaids quite excited as it was my first Wedding dress shop experience. The assistant Lyn informed us that they were very busy and without an appointment we couldn't look at dresses. We felt a bit silly like we had been told off (!) but scheduled an appointment for later that day. We were the last appointment of the day and it was a little was a bit disappointing as we felt like we were a bit of a burden. At one point said she hadn't had a break all day and couldn't do up the dresses the whole way as her hands were sore... We offered her to have a rest but then one of the bridesmaids joked "and she hasn't even got the ring yet, imagine what a bridezilla she will be when she gets fitted then" which was funny for us as obviously not true but perhaps the last straw for Lyn!

    Anyway, I just think perhaps she shouldn't have scheduled us and we would have been better off coming back another day as she was a bit reluctant to provide me with the type of dress I wanted (I had a picture) and kept showing me dresses that were a different style. This was ok as I did need to see how they looked but after 4 it was annoying. That said, I did find my dream dress and ended up going back and buying it a week later but that was after going to 2 other stores and getting amazing service but they couldn't match the dress. This was in April 2013.

    So, yesterday (30th October) I went back for my fitting and had a completely different experience. At one stage I had 3 ladies helping me with the fitting and they were all amazing. The alterations were done within hours, they deducted the price of a sash from the fitting because I decided I didn't like as much as when I bought it in May, they were professional and just lovely. Thank you very much Hilary and the rest of the team who did a brilliant job altering my dress.