• Disappointing, when it mattered most


    My husband and I ordered a 2-tiered chocolate cake for our wedding, to be specifically decorated with buttercream. The buttercream was to be piped in rosettes all around the cake, from darker pink to light pink, upwards, and the top tier of the cake was to be decorated with red sugar roses.

    On the day itself, we did not recognise the cake when we both first saw it because:

    1) the icing was a light orangey/peachy colour; and

    2) there were no sugar roses on the cake.

    To put it mildly we were not happy. I got in touch with the bakery requesting to speak to the owner (who went through the order of our cake) and was told that she had sold the business a month earlier and no longer worked there. I was later told that they had, upon investigation, made a mistake and there was a box of sugar roses that was supposed to be for the cake but they were not used. I was also advised that the decorator could not get the colour right and the difference in colour of the buttercream was therefore a product problem, not the decorator's fault.

    The least they could have done was get in touch with me after the business had changed hands if they were not sure of what they were doing and also check with me that we would be alright with a different coloured product. No. Instead, they just sent it away to the venue. When the venue manager saw it he said it did not look like a wedding cake at all, and the piping of icing was not even. I am not a professional baker and I could have done a better job.. but we chose professionals that we thought could deliver a wedding cake to our specifications. This is not even a complicated and crazy-fancy wedding cake.

    The Dessert Room said they'd make it up to us by giving us a $100 voucher. We ended up getting 2x vouchers for a standard cake each. I understand that a standard cake is worth about $50, however that was not what was agreed upon. Upon a second visit they changed it to the $100 voucher but all this was just not good enough. Even if they refunded us in full it would not make up for the cake we received. I have to say that we did not have an issue with the chocolate sponge but with a wedding cake the aesthetics have to be great and our cake was average-looking at best. Very disappointing for a bakery that has one of the better reputations in Dunedin.