• Babysitting service Dunedin


    I am looking after two young children on my own at the moment and leaving them with just any babysitter is something I am reluctant to do. My 18 month is a handful.

    Found Belle Babysitters on the web and liked what they offered. Good profiles of everyone they have available. I liked the focus on safety and training as well. I picked Diane as she has her own children and looked as if she would cope well this Joshua (18 months) and Liana (6). When she arrived at the house she did a safety inspection so she new what risks there might be, she introduced herself to the children and there seemed to be an immediate connection. I was quite comfortable to go out and play my game of squash. When I returned home nearly three hours later, Liana had had her bath, both children had been fed, and by the look of it they had had a fantastic time with Diane and didn't want her to leave. This is my first experience with Belle Babysitters, and I have to say I am impressed with the whole service. I like the focus on safety and the fact that each sitter has a profile page so you can choose who you think is most suited to your children. I would highly recommend to any other parents who want to leave their children with confidence and enjoy whatever it is they are going out to. Tim