• No communication


    Sent email off requesting work done at a rental, didn't receive an email reply, don't even know if work has been done so poor communication, will probably just get an invoice in the mail if the work has been done.

    Business Response

    Hi Carmel, thank you for your email and also taking the time to talk to me when I rang in response to it. It is very important to us that we get feed back especially when we get things wrong. As I said I could find no record of ever replying to your email and for this we apologize, we usually do reply to thank clients for the work they send our way so we have no excuse for not doing this. Rather rude and presumptuous and not the way we like to treat our clients. On the up side we did attend to the job on that day so tenant was happy but still should have acknowledged your request. I will bring this up at our next staff meeting as a reminder to all that there is a real person on the other end of the email. Treat them as such. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to right a wrong. We will not be sending you a bill for this work. Kind regards Evan Rees