The most disgusting treatment ever!!! My friends and I went to celebrate a good friend's 21st birthday party on the 20/02/2015. As we sat and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive my friend who happened to be the birthday boy had already booked for our table. The manager I don't know what his name is...but he had the AUDACITY to yell at us while we were all still seated at the table about to order our meals!!! Saying 'LEAVE NOW! I JUST TURNED AWAY A TABLE OF 30 PEOPLE TONIGHT BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU!'...his attitude if I have to be brutally honest was like a 'PIG!'...He treated us like we were rubbish...'uh hello???...don't know how the hell you run your business?!!!.. but that's not how you treat customers!!!...Apart from him the young girls who work there were very friendly it's just SAD that they work for a PIG like him. I am very upset that my friend who by the way only turns 21 once had to experience that sorry excuse of a human being!!! >:(