• Unpleasant experience


    My flatmates and I had an unpleasant experience with them.

    To begin with, the vinyl floors at our flat was very sticky although our property agent had claimed that they had contracted some cleaners to do a clean-up of the flat. We were surprised that the flat passed the property entry inspection. We personally had to mop it several times upon arriving and the water in the bucket was black.

    Secondly, we had a change of property agent mid-way through our tenancy, but were not informed of this change. So we'd been contacting our previous property agent who did not respond to our requests at some repairs till we found out much later that she was no longer working there.

    Also, there was construction at a joint property which involved the use of our backyard. However, we were only told by our propertyagent that it would be a small portion of the backyard. We came home to see that a fence had been set up to obstruct access to our entire backyard, along with the laundry line and sitting area. Although our rent was waived, $3 off a week was insufficient considering the unexpected inconvenience caused to us.

    Lastly, our bond refund form was signed and sent to the property agent (whom acknowledged receiving it) over 2 months ago but we have yet to receive our bond refund. 2 months later, we were told that they had no records of our bond refund form. After some calls and digging and waiting, propertyscouts found our form but said that they had been busy with a lot to deal with, so they had somehow missed out on our form. A delay in sorting out the refund would have been OK, but missing out our form altogether is quite different.

    I am most disappointed with their services.