• Very poor service


    We relocated from Auckland to Dunedin and needed a short term rental until we found house to buy.

    We found a 6 month rental with property scouts and entered into a 6 month agreement. Communication and service was Ok, nothing outstanding. About a month into contract we found a house to buy and asked if property scouts could find new tenants for the remaining months. They said they would try and that I had to pay a week's rent ($564) plus advertisements costs for trademe, which was another $219.25. We did this in a hope to save money as we were now paying rent and a mortgage.

    I then found Property Scouts had advertised the property and that the rent was advertised at $570 per week ($6 more than what we were paying). I sent then an email asking for them to drop the rent and that I would cover any short falls.

    Cut a long story short, they weren't very helpful at finding new tenants and we ended up staying for the 6 months.

    Just thought I would let people know in case they may be in same situation, maybe worth checking with another rental company to see what their small print states about exiting an agreement.