• Beast avoided, unless you are desperate


    Charged 3 hours for 2 trips where the work could have been done on the first visit as it turned out. They were at the property an hour in total, add in travel time (5 minutes each way from my house).

    Called to discuss and was met with the office manager (who actually informs me he has no ability to resolve issues to do with billing but had plenty of waffling excuses and apologies). I was to be put through to director to discuss, but was clearly fobbed off as the office manager had talked to him and "explained" the situation, and I was informed the director had come to the same conclusion that the current billing stands.

    Also had to follow up for them to come back and complete the work over a week later, was advised they'd be coming back in a few days the next week when they had the specialist pipe unblocking truck. After My reminder, the truck promptly arrive that day but they didn't even use it. They ran my garden hose and plunged the drain. The whole reason they had to come back for a second trip was because they needed this specialist unblocking apparently. I paid for 2 trips (vehicle charges, minimum 1 hour visits each occasion) as a result of their faffing around. Oh and the third hour? So the plumber can go home and have a shower.

    Mickey Mouse organisation, terrible customer service. $318 for them to use my hose and unblock a drain (20 minutes total running water and plunging). No issue with the work, just the charging structure and management attitude. Stay clear, these guys will fleece you and then they don't even have the guts to talk to you.