• Sharing my Thoughts


    I had a hot stone massage at Erban and found the entire experience disappointing. I had a 12pm appointment. I was left sitting in the reception area until 12:10pm, which I wasn't bothered by - things can get behind schedule. I'm not sure the exact time the treatment finished, but I do know that I was dressed and out of the treatment room by 1:30pm. It does not seem to me that I should be penalised for their lateness. I was also unimpressed by the treatment itself. It is difficult to judge time when you're face down on a table but the therapist spent somewhere between a third and half of the treatment time fussing with the hot stones on a bench-top nearby instead of actually providing treatment. I was never asked about the level of pressure applied during the massage, although there was so little massage to speak of that it didn't really matter. So, in short, I do not believe that I received value for my money and won't be back.