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    My experience in dealing with Buy Silver Gold Bullion has always been of dealing with a professional who knows his stuff. The customer service is great and I can track any orders online or simply call Scott. He has always been extremely helpful. I have been doing business with the company for around 1 year... I have dealt with other companies and had problems getting hold of support staff or in tracking orders. They throw in hidden costs that are not advertised on their websites... By the way I have been studying this market for around ten years and not only does Scott know his stuff the price is as keen as you'll find anywhere. I have dealt with bullion suppliers overseas and had offshore storage accounts too. The thing I like about dealing with Scott is that he\'s an individual, not a foreign mega corporation. I can pick up the phone and he tells me what\'s happening with my orders and he knows who I am. I am not just an order number. I have imported metals before as well and the hassles with customs and import charges and freight forwarders is so stressful. I mean you really don\'t know who to trust do you. Well, Scott deals with all of that so I don\'t have to.. He is da man