• Charlotte Bakery - gone downhill


    This morning (Friday 1st April) I entered CHARLOTTE BAKERY and purchased a Cream Cheese/Salmon Bagel and an Apricot Danish. At work I placed both items in the fridge to keep fresh. However when it came time to eat my lunch I was bitterly disappointed.

    I have never had such stale food in my life!

    The bagel was terribly hard, obviously NOT fresh and would hardly be described as mainly ’Cream Cheese and Salmon’. There was the equivalent of 1/2 a teaspoon of cream cheese slapped on the side of the very dry bun. A wilted lettuce leaf and two very suspect pieces of salmon. It was the driest, most awful bakery item I have every had.

    The danish was not as bad, thou still very stale. Not only were these two items inedible, but also very overpriced.

    Which leads me to wonder . . . how many days do they leave items on display till they decide to throw them out?

    I used to like this bakery, but ever since they changed ownership it's gone drastically down hill. In my opinion, purchase from there at your own risk.