I went there to have Yum Char for lunch with 3 other people. When we oredered there were only a couple of other people in the restaurant. About 10 minutes after we ordered, a group of appox 15 Chinese people plus another 2 Chinese couples came in & ordered. After we'd been there without food for 20 minutes, they started serving a large number of dishes to the big table & also brought out food to the couples that had come in after us. After waiting for 25 minutes, we asked the waitress how long our food would be as we had to get back to work. She seemed unconcerned but said she would check with the kitchen. After waiting a total of 30 mintues after ordering, we walked out without ever receiving our food. We were disgusted with the lack of service & the staff's obvious preference towards the Chinese diners. I would not reccommend this restaurant to any lunch time diner as they are obviously not concerned with customer service