• Dunedin Taxis


    I used Dunedin Taxis a couple of weeks ago and I had really bad service from them. I rang for a taxi to town at 11.30pm on a Saturday night. I was still waiting for the taxi at 12pm so I rung them back to ask where the taxi was. They said it had been canceled but I had not canceled it. So they ordered another one for me. At 12.30pm I was STILL waiting and rang back. They said they had no record of my details in the system. I told them we have ordered a taxi twice from them and have been waiting for over an hour and to please send us a taxi. They said they were not doing pick ups in our area anymore and I said but we have been waiting for a taxi since 11.30! If they had any idea how to give good customer service then they should have made an exception and given us a discount. I finally go to town using another taxi service. Dunedin taxis completely ruined our evening and will never use them again. I see that there are a few other bad reviews on Dunedin Taxis here so clearly they have no idea how to give good customer service.