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2009-09-09 09:23 am

I'd been looking for a manufacturing jeweller near where I work to get a couple of rings resized and I found this place in Glenfield Mall - I sent an email enquiry and got a rapid, friendly response.

I took the rings in and was quoted $100 to size one up, plus $25 to repair one of the claws, which the nice lady pointed out was worn away. I was also quoted $25 to resize another ring down.

I went back to collect them the following week, $150 in hand and was served by someone else. She said the jeweller had made a note on the order form saying there were actually 4 claws in total that needed to be repaired, so she went out back to ask him how long I could get away without repairing them.

She came back and said 'I'm so sorry, he's already repaired all the claws, someone should have phoned you to ask first.'

I told her not to worry, as I would have said to go ahead anyway.

So I got ready to pay, thinking it would be around $225. But she checked the order form and checked her computer and said, 'Well whoever put this through has only put it through for $125.' I asked if that was for both jobs and she said yes - and only charged me $125, even though I said I didn't mind paying the right amount!

It was really sweet and the service was impeccable the whole way through.

I'll definitely be going back for any work at all I need done on any jewellery and for new jewellery as well.

Posted By: Rohani regarding Charlton Jewellers


2011-04-04 03:22 pm

Very professional. Amazing Service. Took my watches and they fixed them in no time. Good value too.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Precision Watch Co


2013-02-12 05:02 pm

Great ! So impressed. They took the links out of my watch in 5mins when other jewelers told me that it was too tricky, and even better they're really well priced ! This is the only place I would go to get my watch fixed :)

Posted By: rose-craigie regarding Precision Watch Co


2013-06-10 08:36 pm

Excellent service took my citizen Skyhawk inn for settings and after purchased online from SPW, and link adjustments ....they offered free setting and advice also removed links on the spot at a very reasonable rate...good to see this good kiwi service is still available with modern premises ....

Posted By: laurie-king regarding Precision Watch Co


2011-11-03 10:10 pm

Amazing, creative jewellery! The best of the best. Beautiful engagement rings and coloured stones.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Carats Design Jewellery