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2009-06-06 03:02 pm

If you need a YoYo try ToyWorld

Posted By: crazymonkey64 regarding Toyworld


2008-10-08 04:10 pm

We went in to toyworld on the weekend to layby our daughters first bike, as they were advertising 25% off bikes, and encouraging layby. The bike was to be her xmas present, so it suited us fine to layby.

Went through the bike sizes etc, during which the young sales guy was very helpful. We asked if they have any new in a box, he went away for 5-6 mins to check, and came back and told us they have 2 new in boxes. Ok we will layby one of them, as we do not want the floor stock, as it was a bit rough around the edges.

No problems, we were told, we can even assemble it for you if you give us a little bit of notice. We paid the deposit and went home, all good.

Today we decided that it might be better to just go and collect the bike, I'll stash it in the shed until xmas. When we got there we paid the balance and the young guy went to get the bike, after a minute or two he comes out with the demo bike, we explained that we agreed on a new "in box" bike, he explains that they sold them all on the weekend. No problem, we are not in a hurry as its a xmas pressie, so when will you get a new one in a box in for us?
"No, this is it, it has to be this one" Umm, no, we will have a refund then if thats ok. He had to get the owner, its worth noting up until this point everything was cool, he was a young guy so I was easy on him as he did not appear in a position to make a decision.

Three or four minutes later the Owner/manager rolls up, and what an attitude. "We got a problem have we?", I explain the situation again, stating that a new bike or refund are in order, as per our agreement.

"We had a bike sale on on the weekend you know" "We probably didn't have any in a box anyway"

Eventually he agreed to a refund, no apology, just asked one of the other staff to do the refund and walked off in a foul mood.
So here we have a young guy giving good service, with and older guy bringing it all undone. He lost the sale, but whats more he lost our business for good. Off to toysRus we go.

Posted By: Crikey regarding Toyworld


2008-08-07 06:18 pm

As hobbies go, this is a great one to get into.

If you are looking for a Nirto car or a RC Helicopter, TOYWORLD is the place to go in TOWNSVILLE.

There is a large presence in the store, it occupies a corner of the shop and almost a full isle.

From Cars and Boats to Helicopters and Planes, it is all here.

Friendly staff, and it can get a little busy Sat. but good range of products at reasonable prices.

Posted By: EFIJYFaMiLy regarding Toyworld


2012-12-21 07:48 pm

I am an avid cyclist so when I traveled to New Zealand for work, I needed to find a place to rent a good road bike. I was not let down with my decision to rent here. I got a carbon fiber Scott bike in my size and all the hook ups to make me comfortable. The sales staff were so nice and helpful. I will be renting here again next time I am in town.

Posted By: alexa-volwiler regarding Cycle Auckland Limited


2012-12-02 07:30 pm

My wife and I recently hired bikes through Adventure Capital on a trip to Auckland. Brilliant service and great advice and recommendations on where to go. Excellent day out. Next time we visit Auckland we'll be back!

Posted By: john-browning regarding Adventure Capital