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  • A very bad hair-up experience


    Last weekend my friend and I were attending a wedding so thought we would spoil ourselves to a hair-up. When I booked in I was told the hair-up would take 1 hour and I said I had hair prone to frizz and they said not to worry they would smooth it out. I took a picture along of what I would like my hair to look like (a braid going into a bun), When I arrived my hair was a little damp from washing it in the morning to the stylist just started drying it, using no brush or product to smooth it out (however as the booking was for an hour I wasn't too worried at this stage). Then before I knew it she started plating it frizz and all but I assumed she knew what she was doing. After 5 mins working on my hair she left me for 10 minutes to go and check her cell and talk to friends at the reception. Then came back and worked on me for a further 10 minutes and said I was done. So a total of 15 minutes spent on a hour appointment and the whole time I felt like she was trying to get me out of the chair. My friend had a worse experience and after several times of telling her hair dresser she didn't like it her hair dresser told her not to come back to the salon when it was her wedding day! Over all we felt that we were rushed, care wasn't taken and I could have done a better job at home. Not worth the money or my time - would never go back!