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  • Great!


    This is such a lovely little motel with hospitable and friendly owners. We stayed here for a couple weeks upon moving to Dunedin and couldn't have asked for anything better. The motel was clean, warm and in the perfect area (walking distance to uni and to the CBD). Plenty of parking and wifi in the rooms. Sally and Michael made our arrival in Dunedin a lot easier and went out of their way to help us with everything. I recommend this motel to everyone I know who will be visiting Dunedin and would not even hesitate to stay there again.

  • Terrible


    I've been a renter my whole life by choice and this is, by far, the worst property management company I've ever dealt with. We consider our rental property our home not just a transient place to stay for a while and have demonstrated that to Click by consistently keeping our place neat and tidy, paying our rent on time every week, and reporting any property issues as they happen. We've completely held up our end of the lease agreement but Click has not held up their end or treated us with respect which I will outline below.

    First of all, they do not value good tenants and, in fact, prefer to take advantage of good tenants. They consistently increase our rent even though it would cost them more in advertising, labour costs, and lost income in an empty flat while looking for new tenants than they would make by keeping our rent the same. What kind of business sense is this? An investment property's income does not only come from the property itself, it comes from the tenants who pay the rent on time. It only makes sense that if you have good, reliable tenants who are willing to rent long term that you would want to maintain a good relationship with them in order to keep them in the property as long as possible. We choose to pay the higher rent and stay in our current rental because of its nice condition and good location however, as soon as we can find something similar we will be leaving.

    Second, they consistently lie or misrepresent information to tenants. Going back to the increased rent issue, they have lied to us by saying they are increasing our rent because similar properties in the area and in our building are renting for way more than what we are paying. We know this is a lie because we have talked to our neighbours and reviewed properties on Trademe and other websites only to find information that directly conflicts with what they have told us. In today's day and age where information can easily be found, businesses have to be more careful than ever in being truthful to their clients. They have also lied to us about owners being aware of problems in the property only to hear directly from the owners that they knew nothing about it (this has happened at least three times).

    Third, they treat us as if we are untrustworthy and bothersome most of the time. I've been accused of damaging chattel which stopped working on its own even after using said chattel with no damage or problems for two years prior. I told them that I had not had any part in the problem and they treated me like a liar and told me that I would be charged for the repairs. When I threatened to take them to the tenancy tribunal they not only backed down but they sent a new item to replace the damaged one. When we call the office to report a problem the admin assistant is usually very friendly but the property managers themselves act like we are an annoyance even though we are reporting problems as per what the lease requires us to do. During our routine inspections, the agents often act like we are in the way in our own homes which we are paying for the right to live in.

    Fourth, they are so disorganized. They send contractors, etc. with no notice even though they are required to give 24 hours notice. There is so much turnover with the staff and it seems like there are no notes put on file. Nobody ever seems to knows what is going on because we always have a different person in charge of our property. They expect us to follow up with their contractors even though, as per the lease, it is up to them to ensure that any repairs, etc. are done once reported by the tenant. We have been told that certain smaller repairs will not be done only to have people show up two days later to fix something that we were just told would not be fixed. The list goes on and on of small little things that could easily be remedied by having good, consistent communication.

    Fifth, it takes them forever to fix even the smallest little thing. In some cases it's taken well over a year. Again, contractors randomly show up with no notice sometimes a month or two after the issue was reported. At one point, we got fed up and had to threaten legal action in order for a major repair that was causing us major inconveniences be fixed. I don't understand what the point of doing the property inspections are if tenants are constantly reporting the same issues which no one is doing anything about.

    This review comes only from a tenant's perspective so I cannot comment on what it is like from a property owner's perspective.I recognize that there are certain times of the year where things are busy but, a tenant who is paying their rent is entitled to timely maintenance and honesty by the property manager. If things are going to take a bit longer than normal then be upfront about it! I was a branch manager of a nation-wide organization for eleven years and am currently studying management and will eventually be doing an MBA. When I look at Click's current relationships with tenants from a business perspective, I hope that they really listen to and accept some of the bad reviews and make some major changes in order to be sustainable in the long run. The flashy cars and flashy technology that Click uses is great however, without people, a business is nothing and some work needs to be done in order to build and maintain long term relationships with tenants. You never know, today's tenant could be tomorrow's property investors that may need a property management company. In a small city such as Dunedin, word of mouth goes a long way and tenants rights and concerns have to be considered just as highly as owners do.