Latest Reviews

  • Really good communication


    I read all the 10x emails as I know they are short and informative.
    There are plenty of good ideas that I get out of our email communication that work well for me.
    Highly recommended!

  • Building Value


    Amplifier has helped by allowing us to stay in touch with our clients – with our clients receiving helpful hints and Kulutu Mail, keeping our clients in the loop keeps them thinking about our business and services we offer.

    Our Amplifier dashboard shows that our business is currently the top rated google listing. We are the first to pop up when someone searches for an electrician in Dunedin and as most people will usually click on one of the first three google results, we have a much higher exposure rate thanks to Amplifier.

    Our reviews that sit on Ranked by Review allow us send potential customers to the site to read independent information about our business (our reviews).

    The Reg Rating will allow us to see how our business is performing in a more tangible way. We are able to see if we are lacking in any of areas and we can then make changes/improvements to better serve our clients. We already have a high reg rating thanks to Amplifier and this sets up the business as an appealing asset when we are ready to pass the business onto someone else.

    Evan Rees - Director
    McArthur and Symons