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  • Edinburgh Realty useless


    The property manager who managed the property we were renting was useless! Took 6 months, endless phone calls, emails and a letter threatening to go the tenancy tribunal before something finally got fixed. The property owner kept entering the property un-announced which the property manager didn't seem to care or do anything about and towards the end of the tenancy he didn't even bother to respond to any of my calls. These issues caused me an awful lot of stress and considering I always paid my rent and kept the property in tidy condition, the property manager could at least do his job!

  • Adecco a waste of time


    Had to complete very extensive testing in order register with Adecco. One of the tests was a personality test which resulted in some very strange & incorrect answers about me which they would be showing to prospective employers. (These results were the complete opposite to what all my past employers had said about me in my references). Adecco said the results could be due to a number of reasons but would not explain why. They also would not give me a copy of any of my test results so I could thoroughly read over. After all this testing, I did not receive a single job offer in the several months I was registered with them. Several other people I know recently told me that they had used Adecco before and their test results also had some very messed up answers too. Not worth using Adecco at all.

  • Dunedin Taxis


    I used Dunedin Taxis a couple of weeks ago and I had really bad service from them. I rang for a taxi to town at 11.30pm on a Saturday night. I was still waiting for the taxi at 12pm so I rung them back to ask where the taxi was. They said it had been canceled but I had not canceled it. So they ordered another one for me. At 12.30pm I was STILL waiting and rang back. They said they had no record of my details in the system. I told them we have ordered a taxi twice from them and have been waiting for over an hour and to please send us a taxi. They said they were not doing pick ups in our area anymore and I said but we have been waiting for a taxi since 11.30! If they had any idea how to give good customer service then they should have made an exception and given us a discount. I finally go to town using another taxi service. Dunedin taxis completely ruined our evening and will never use them again. I see that there are a few other bad reviews on Dunedin Taxis here so clearly they have no idea how to give good customer service.