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  • Made us all feel relaxed and perfectly captured personalities, mood and scenery


    We've contracted Sharon Hawker Photography for 3 separate portrait 'jobs' over the past 6 months and have been totally impressed throughout.

    Each project was for a different purpose and each presented its own challenge ... 1. capturing three children under 5yrs looking in one direction (!) 2. capturing a glimpse of a smile on a teenage boy (!), and 3. drawing out a professional look from a sleep deprived harassed mother(!).

    Sharon made us all feel very relaxed and she perfectly captured the essence of the children's personalities, the mood and the scenery. The quality of her work could not be faulted, and the service was very professional and extended beyond the call of duty.

    Sharon Hawker Photography is excellent value for money - reasonable price, amazing product :) I will use her again, and definitely recommend her to others.