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  • Amazing


    Right from the start these guys, or shall i say ladies, have been Amazing.
    Asked questions about our life style, color scheme of rest of house, kids. came up and got the measurements, our kitchen hadn't been started yet (ripping everything out and expanding), and there measurements came out perfect. Got to see what our kitchen would look like when finished after about a week (and must say looks like the picture).
    Staff were very friendly, anything the popped was communicated right away, any problems were fixed asap. There was a 3 month wait for kitchen as they do come from Germany but for us seeing as we had to wait for kitchen to be finished first wasn't a problem. Pricing was great for what we got as well. Very satisfied customers.

  • Amazing Job, But...


    Building work for our kitchen was amazing, don't think we could of got a better deal, pricing has been good and advised if anything popped up straight away.
    Only problems we had were slight delay getting started, and Billing has been slightly slow (but that is due to the Gib stopping company they used being slack on their billing end.

    Overall has been a great experience and would defiantly use them again.

  • Very Unprofessional


    We use laser for our lighting and kitchen, and i must say at first they were great. great communication, great planning. But when it came to do the job was not impressed.
    First visit we had left the back door unlocked for them as we were at work. we got home to find back door wide open and nothing done. Electrician didn't have the plans so had to ask what we wanted done rather than what we had organised (lucky we had a copy of plans they had done for us and printed it off for him). We found that the cupboard in the hallway had been broken and not told about it, when confronting them about it, they tried to make plans with our builder with out communicating with us what was happening, we asked our builder and he knew nothing of it. Constantly getting put off for other jobs. and to top it off found out after they had all finished and left that our moisture master system in the roof had been damaged and also not told about it.
    The finished work is good, but getting there has been a nightmare. won't be using them again.